Back to School

Back to school teacher gifts. This is still somewhat of a new concept, but some moms see this as an opportunity to thank the teacher in advance for all their hard work. Before you get overwhelmed as another thing you “have” to do before school starts…keep it simple!! Here are some super simple ideas that go a long way!

Coffee goodies! Any teacher can appreciate a few coffee treats. You can make a cute tag to go along with the gift. This is thoughtful, inexpensive and will definitely be used!

Talk about simple and inexpensive….this is the idea for you! Highlighters and a catchy tag! All teachers appreciate highlighters. This gift will be something easy to toss in their backpack and send them off to their first day of school!

Let’s keep going on the simple and inexpensive ideas!!! Sharpies! Who doesn’t love sharpies?! Well, teachers love them and use them all the time!! This gift will be used daily and again…it is the thought that will make the teacher feel so appreciated!

And candy!!! Of course, who doesn’t love candy?! This is a sweet treat that will make the teacher look forward to snack time! Again, inexpensive but thoughtful!

Don’t let back to school gifts overwhelm you. Keep it simple. Keep in inexpensive. A little bit goes a long way in regards to making your teacher feel appreciated. Teachers are so excited to greet your children. I know your children are excited to greet them too!


Garage Help


Summer means bikes, pool floats, outdoor toys, shoes everywhere and much more! Is your garage filling up as summer moves along? The system that worked a few months ago may be different now that the kids are home all day. Well, here are some tips that can help you create and keep an organized garage:

  1. Side Shelf Unit: Rather than stacking things up in the corners. Buy a shelving unit so items can be placed neatly. This way everything is visible and out of the way of traffic.
  2. Above Head Storage: There is a lot of space above the cars that could be used. There are racks/shelf that can be installed along the ceiling of your garage. The amount of storage will amaze you. It may be harder to get to, so this area is great for items you don’t use often.
  3. Hooks: Hang what you can! Bikes, tools, yard equipment, extension cords, etc. Many things can be placed on hooks (either from the wall or ceiling.) This will free up a lot of space and give your garage a system.
  4. Labeling: Put like items in a storage box. To go the extra mile, you can even buy all matching boxes. Regardless of the storage box…use labels to mark the box. Then face the labels out so you can easily see what is in the box. This will save a lot of time as you are searching for that box of ornaments!
  5. Frequently Used Basket: Have one basket of items that you use often. Keep that basket front and center to avoid making a mess every time you need something from that container!


Houston Highways


No doubt, Houston is a booming city! Along with great job opportunities, hot real estate market, and endless entertainment…we also deal with traffic! I came across this website that has been very helpful while planning my days. Houston freeways can change from day to day. There always seems to be construction going on somewhere. If you have an appointment, every minute matters! This site is a daily status of freeway closures, construction and detours. The site stays up to date and will help you travel the Houston freeways with more ease. Take a look….

Smart Key


This post is for you if you are looking to increase your parking lot safety, or a busy mom with full hands, or just want to reduce the amount of space your keys take in your pocket!

Safety is a big proponent of this item. Parents are in the parking lot, fumbling around in their purse. Looking for the keys while trying to keep the kids safe in the parking lot can be quiet the struggle. You are also becoming a target with your head down digging in your purse!

Or carrying in backpacks, groceries, all while searching for the right key on your key chain to unlock the door! Keys can also take up a lot of space. This can cause irritation for men that are sitting on their keys in their pocket or for women that are tired of their keys taking up so much purse space. There doesn’t seem to be an easy fix to this everyday problem. However, I came across this idea that may be worth researching!

Smart Key! It is a key that condenses all the keys into one unit, while also serving as a key chain. There is a “pop out” aspect that pops out the key you want. There are options of which style to choose from. Some hold a lot of keys and there is also a USB option!! This seems to be so practical and a life saver!

Give it a try. Let me know your thoughts and comments. You can purchase one on the above link!

Happy 4th of July

flag 2

America!!! There are always new topics to discuss when it comes to our country, but we can all agree that 4th of July is a day of honor and history! This link is full of 4th of July history facts. I enjoyed flipping through this site, so I wanted to share it with you! You may learn something new as you enjoy reading the history of 4th of July….


Myth Buster


It’s hot! No question!!! Here is some myth buster information that will help your facts straight and keep you cool!

MYTH: Closing off vents and registers will reduce your cooling bill.
False. If you have a modern forced air system, the pressure load is balanced throughout the house. Blocking the vent can throw the system out of balance, causing it to have to work harder or possibly break down.

Also the most energy efficient practice you can do is to have cool air evenly distributed throughout the house. Blocking vents in certain rooms will make those rooms colder.

MYTH:  Fiberglas insulation alone keeps cold air out of your home.
Fiberglas actually does a better job at keeping heat in than keeping cold out. If you have cracks, air leaks and drafts anywhere in your house, the cold air will seep in no matter how much insulation you have. Air sealing is the most important thing you can do to plug these holes and gaps and keep the chill from creeping in.

MYTH:  Leaving a ceiling fan on will cool a room…even when you’re not there.
Fans cool your skin, not the air. They do not lower room temperature. If a fan runs in a room when no one is there, no one is feeling its benefits. So it’s just wasting electricity.

MYTH:  Leaving lights, computers and appliances on uses less energy than turning them off and on repeatedly.
This may have been true of computers 20 or more years ago when they were massive energy hogs. But today’s computers are much more durable and use a lot less energy. The small surge in energy created when any electrical product is turned on is much smaller than the energy used by running the device when it’s not needed. Rule of thumb: any time you can turn a machine or light off, it will save energy.

Try these tips out, and see if it makes a difference in your home. Saving little bits of energy add up…one step at a time to make your home energy efficient and cooler this summer!