Helpful Lawn Reminder

green grass

As the seasons begin to change, we need to keep the lawn hydrated. An unhealthy lawn can spread fast and end up costing way more money to re-sod! So, take these tips and apply them to your yard as we welcome summer.

Summer heat means we need to water more often. Set your sprinkler system accordingly or plan your mornings accordingly if you water yourself. You want to water each section of the yard at least 20 minutes to fully saturate the soil.

Water early. You want the water to be fully saturated and absorbed before the heat of the day. It is recommended to water between 5am-8am. Frequent watering to avoid stress on lawn.

Prevention. Fertilize your lawn and treat with insecticide to boost its immune system. Dealing with the heat is taxing on the immune system, so give it a boost and avoid it from having to fight off infestation. Then, act quickly if you see an infestation. These steps should help your lawn stay green this summer!

End of Year Gift Ideas

That’s a wrap!!! The school year is almost over. For many of you, you just have weeks left of school. You may want to give the teacher a little gift of appreciation. Teachers work hard all year long, and they have loved on your children from day 1. A little gift that shows them you are thankful will go a long way!

You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to be thoughtful. Here are some ideas that can make your child’s teacher feel appreciated as summer takes off. A practical summer cup with straw and lid. This will be perfect poolside on summer days. You can fill it with water flavoring packets or other drink ideas. Then top it off with a cute card on the straw.

I love this one! Your child can help with this project that the teacher is likely to keep in her classroom for years to come. All you need is crayons and glue! Neatly cut the crayons in the shape of the teachers name. This is such a creative way to leave your mark in their classroom. The teacher will always remember your child, just as your child will always remember the teacher!

Get the teacher ready for summer with a tote bag. You can get it personalized or paint stencil on it yourself. You can fill the bag with summer items…towel, flip flops, magazines! Get creative and have fun! Top it off with a cute card, and you have the perfect git! So, let’s kick off summer with a little gift of appreciation!

Mom Summer Prep Ideas

Spring baseball games and summer days usually mean a lot of time outside, in the car, and weekend get-aways. I have come across 2 items that could help as we prepare for the summer heat!This is especially helpful for mothers…


First is this clip on fan!! Clip them on the carseat and stroller. This fan will reduce the sweat for your child in a stroller or for you while you are riding your bike!

Highchair on the go! Comments and feedback says that it is most used when left in the back of your car, so it is easy to grab and use! Use at the pool, park, or anywhere you visit this summer!


Purchase these items for yourself or a mother you know. I guarantee that it will make summer days easy breezy…well, a little easier and a little cooler!



Bluebonnets make for a beautiful backdrop for photos. Now is the time for you to plan an outing for some beautiful pictures. Blessington Farms is a wonderful day trip for you to plan with your family.

Bring a change of clothes to enjoy the strawberry picking. It gets messy, but the kids have a blast! Get your camera ready because the bluebonnets are beautiful! Bring a blanket to lay on the ground for pictures, especially if you have a baby.

Enjoy the outdoor activities and scenery! Enjoy the colors, flowers, activities and joy that Blessington Farms has to offer.

Easter Bunny Visit


Katy Mills Mall may be your next in town destination! Choose a day and time, and head to Bass Pro Shops for a free picture with the Easter Bunny. You will receive a free 4×6 photo along with partaking in Easter crafts!

Have you visited Katy Mills Mall? If not, you need to browse the mall and stores. There are many attractions, and you can take a look at the new Houston water park that is in the parking lot! Start your summer plans while enjoying your Easter Bunny visit!

Lighting Idea


Here’s an item that can change the feel throughout your whole house…light fixtures! I know you’re thinking that is way too expensive to buy all new fixtures. So, don’t buy them- spruce up the ones you have! Replace old fan blades, replace the ‘pull strings’ on the fans, clean the glass on all fixtures, and replace any chandelier mini lamp shades. These small changes go a long way. Big impact for minimal expense.

Do you have an old brass lighting fixture that drives you crazy? Try this…take apart the fixture, lay it on a sheet outside, then spray it with fixture paint! Yes…you can buy spray that is made to go on fixtures! Turn that brass chandelier into a “wrought iron” chandelier! Change the little shades or accesories and again, big impact for minimal expense.

Tape Measure Mystery

You might not use a tape measure that much, but when you do, have you ever noticed all extra numbers and shapes on it?

One of the most mind-bending has to be the black diamonds which are on some versions. They usually sit above the numbers, nestled into the lines which show segments of an inch.

It’s pretty obvious they aren’t just for decoration, but you probably have no idea what they are actually for.

The black diamonds are actually called truss marks (also known as stud or joist marks.) Turns out they are used by people who make a living in construction. They are also helpful for the everyday person too. They help determine the spacing of studs in the walls. So, they can be used as a guide when trying to hang pictures evenly.

Next time you use your tape measure, be sure to use all the numbers and shapes!!