Christmas Tree Watering

Tree Nanny Christmas Tree Watering Device

Do you love a live Christmas tree in your home? They can smell so fresh and bring so much joy to your home. However, they can also cause stress as you try to keep pine needles off the ground and keep your tree hydrated! It can be a chore! However, did you know that this existed??

A Christmas tree self watering system!! It takes the time, worry and work out of giving your tree the TLC it needs. Now, you no longer have to move around presents and get on the ground to keep your tree stand full of water.

I’m sure there are many on the market, but here is a link to Home Depot that can provide information and images. It is an inexpensive way to keep your home safe this holiday season!


Winter Real Estate Tip

If you’re putting your house on the market in the winter, there are a few things you should consider in order to show your home at its best! It gets dark much earlier. So for people seeing your house after work, this means they could walk into a dark home! Therefore, keep some lamps and lights on to make your house feel homey upon arrival. Leave your front and back porch lights on too. This leads me to tripping hazards outside. Because it’s darker outside, get rid of anything that may hinder the potential buyers that are walking outside. In addition to leaving outdoor lights on, take some time to fill out any cracks in sidewalks or patios before your home hits the market.

Winter time also means cooler temps, so do your homework! Check out the weather channel before you leave for work. Is it supposed to get cooler?? If so, set the heat at a comfortable temperature so the buyers are welcomed and comfortable rather than rushed out by a cold dark house!

Last but not least…winter also means Christmas! I know we all love Christmas decorations, but when your house is on the market- keep the decorations at a minimum. You don’t want your house to seem “smaller” because of the decorations. You also don’t want the buyers distracted by the decorations…you want them admiring your home- not your life-size Santa in the entry hall! When it doubt, keep it simple! Those are some winter tips for the real estate market…for a happier house hunting holiday season!


Big Impact

The Holiday season is in full swing…are you hosting a holiday party and want to give your dining room a fresh feel? Here is one thing you can do to make a big impact!

Bring height to your room with just one improvement…crown molding. Try installing crown molding before you repaint the room or before you structurally raise the ceiling. The crown molding will give the perception of higher ceilings and fresher feel!

The before and after will show amazing results. This is a great investment for any home…for resale purposes and also for homeowners enjoyment!

Fall Fashion with One Scarf

Yes, there are many ways to wear one. Fall is here, so buy a scarf that you love! You can wear it many ways to spruce up any outfit. I loved this idea when I came across it. The possibilities are endless with just one scarf! Enjoy the ideas, and I hope it brings new light to the scarves in your closet!

Image result for fall fashion 2016

You can even change it up with jewelry, pants, shoes. You can have completely different outfits with just changing the style of your scarf. I have tried all of these except the belted one! I look forward to trying that this Fall! Do you have any scarf tips? Share them with us…

Daylight Savings

Daylight Savings can be hard for us to adjust to, especially for mothers! Technically, we are supposed to gain an extra hour of sleep. But, kids don’t understand that! Here are a few tricks that can help make the time change transition easier for you and your family….

1. Act like nothing has changed! Just continue meals, naps and bedtime at usual times. They will adjust in no time. Children have no concept of the time on the clock, they only know what is going on. Dinner time, bed time, etc. So, keep the well oiled machine going and they will follow suit!

2. If that doesn’t work, and you and the kids…just move back their bedtime in 15 minute increments each day until you get to 7:30 (or desired bedtime.)

3. If they continue to wake up too early. Try a clock that turns green when it’s okay for them to get out of bed. This way, they won’t rely on the sunshine, as we know rises earlier! The “okay to wake” clock is a reliable way to let your children know when it is time to wake!

Do you have any Daylight Savings Time tricks? Comment or message me with your feedback! Happy Daylight Savings Day!

Halloween Reminders

Halloween safety needs to be our number one priority. We want our children to have fun and make memories, but we need them to safe first and foremost. So, here are a few helpful reminders for your teen drivers and your young trick or treaters…

– Take your eyes off your technology! Don’t look down at phones while crossing the street

– Do not dart out between cars while crossing the street

– Drive extremely slow and have full attention on your surroundings

– Have your children wear glow necklace so they stand out to drivers

– Make sure the costume is not a tripping hazard

– Never go to a door alone, always have a buddy!

– Between 6:00-8:00 are the most popular trick or treating times, so be on high alert

I hope these reminders are helpful as we prepare for Halloween! Have a fun and safe Halloween!