Simple and Important

Attic access hatch weatherstripping

Here is one thing you must do as the Houston heat is increasing. I know that we all like to be as efficient as possible when it comes to saving on our utility bill. Yes, it would be great to replace all windows to energy saving glass and to get radiant barrier in your attic. But, maybe there is not room in your budget to make those changes. So, this is something that all homeowners can and should do to keep your home cooler and your bill smaller!

Seal your attic door! Sounds simple, but will drop the temperature in your home. You can get foam sealer and cut it to fit the border of your attic door. This will seal shut the door into the ceiling…leaving no cracks for hot air to creep into your home. Your attic is HOT during summer. Even just a little bit of hot air creeping in will make your A/C work harder.

Not only will it stop hot air from coming in, but it will also stop cold air from going out!! Why waste cold A/C air? If there is even the slightest crack, there is cold air going in the attic..wasting your money and making you hot. Seal it shut. Hardware stores have many sealant options. Try it out and see the difference it makes in your home and your bill!


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