Summer and Rainy Days

paper towel tower Collage

Summer is here, and it’s rainy outside!! This means we are stuck inside with these balls of energy!! Do you feel at a loss on how to pass the time? A little television is fine, but we also have to turn it off and play the day away! Here are some simple and free ideas to make these days more memorable. A bored child is rarely a happy child and usually results in a frustrated parent. So, here are some activities to avoid the boredom…..

Get out your paper towel rolls, and get prepared to have some floor time. These activities can last at least 45 minutes and guaranteed to make you all laugh! Set up the paper towels like bowling pins, grab a ball and bowl away! You can even get a chalkboard and have your little ones keep score. Bowling is always fun, especially a spontaneous game of paper towel bowling!

Next, take the paper towel rolls and set up a street…the rolls on each side in parallel lines. You can use some toilet paper rolls if you need more. Make the street curve or even put “speed bumps” in the street. Grab some race cars and have the kids drive, speed, and chase each other. Lastly, make a tower of paper towel rolls and roll other toys into the tower to watch them fall. This sounds so simple, but always a hit!

Good ole crayons and paper. We over look the value of these simple time passers. Play hangman, play tic tac toe, play “guess what I’m drawing.” Coloring with your kids can bring out so much creativity and laughter. Enjoy the simple task of just being with your children, at the table- coloring!

Cooking!! Sometimes, this can get messy- so keep it simple with items you have in your pantry. Make some cookies or sandwiches cut into shapes. One of our favorites to make is “ants on a log” with celery, peanut butter and raisins!

Don’t let these rainy days make you feel trapped. Instead, use these days as an opportunity to return to the basics! The basics of  simply being with your children and grandchildren…laughing and making memories!

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