Naturally Repeal What Comes with Rain

Mosquitoes can be pesky, painful, annoying, and no one wants them lurking around our home! Here are a few unique  and natural tips that can help you repel those mosquitoes away this summer.

Coffee Grounds- The simple home remedy to repel mosquitoes is coffee grounds. All you need to do is just sprinkle coffee grounds wherever you find stagnant water near your house. The mosquito eggs present in the water will be forced to come to the surface of the water due to the coffee grounds. As they come to the surface, they will be deprived of oxygen. This will kill them before they are hatched and will prevent mosquitoes from breeding.

Garlic- Garlic has a very pungent odor, which many people do not like. Even mosquitoes do not like its smell. Crush a few cloves of garlic and boil the crushed garlic in water for some time. Then pour this homemade repellent in a spray bottle and squirt it around the outdoor space. This remedy will kill the mosquitoes.

Mint- The strong odor of mint, which most of us love very much, is loathed by mosquitoes. You can take out the mint oil from the mint extracts or just use the extract as it is to keep mosquitoes away. You can spray the mint oil by pouring it in a spray bottle, or you can apply it on the exposed parts of your body. You can also grow mint shrubs in your garden.

See and feel the results from the natural approach of repelling mosquitoes this summer! Have you tried any of these methods? What are your thoughts or tips?

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