Helpful Lawn Reminder

green grass

As the seasons begin to change, we need to keep the lawn hydrated. An unhealthy lawn can spread fast and end up costing way more money to re-sod! So, take these tips and apply them to your yard as we welcome summer.

Summer heat means we need to water more often. Set your sprinkler system accordingly or plan your mornings accordingly if you water yourself. You want to water each section of the yard at least 20 minutes to fully saturate the soil.

Water early. You want the water to be fully saturated and absorbed before the heat of the day. It is recommended to water between 5am-8am. Frequent watering to avoid stress on lawn.

Prevention. Fertilize your lawn and treat with insecticide to boost its immune system. Dealing with the heat is taxing on the immune system, so give it a boost and avoid it from having to fight off infestation. Then, act quickly if you see an infestation. These steps should help your lawn stay green this summer!

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