End of Year Gift Ideas

That’s a wrap!!! The school year is almost over. For many of you, you just have weeks left of school. You may want to give the teacher a little gift of appreciation. Teachers work hard all year long, and they have loved on your children from day 1. A little gift that shows them you are thankful will go a long way!

You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to be thoughtful. Here are some ideas that can make your child’s teacher feel appreciated as summer takes off. A practical summer cup with straw and lid. This will be perfect poolside on summer days. You can fill it with water flavoring packets or other drink ideas. Then top it off with a cute card on the straw.

I love this one! Your child can help with this project that the teacher is likely to keep in her classroom for years to come. All you need is crayons and glue! Neatly cut the crayons in the shape of the teachers name. This is such a creative way to leave your mark in their classroom. The teacher will always remember your child, just as your child will always remember the teacher!

Get the teacher ready for summer with a tote bag. You can get it personalized or paint stencil on it yourself. You can fill the bag with summer items…towel, flip flops, magazines! Get creative and have fun! Top it off with a cute card, and you have the perfect git! So, let’s kick off summer with a little gift of appreciation!

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