Easy Easter Crafting

Easter is here! Easter is a great time to break out the crafts. Egg hunts, parades, crafts and more. Some crafts can get too detailed and hard for children. So I wanted to share an easy basic craft that your kids can do this Easter! It will require very few supplies, very inexpensive and they can do it on their own- win win for everyone!

Toilet paper or paper towel rolls. You can use stickers, wrapping paper, tissue paper, markers! You will need tape/hot glue and scissors, and you are on your way! You can buy eyes or draw them on with markers. Add straightened paperclips for whiskers if you don’t have time to run to the store! Think simple! Simple sometimes provides the most fun!

Happy Easter to you all!! I hope this Easter is filled with joy and memories…and crafts!! Enjoy making Easter crafts with your children this week. These crafts will keep you home, rather than running to stores for tedious details needed for other crafts! These, you can stay home and enjoy your children this Easter!

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