Simple Staging

You may be staging your home to sell, or maybe you are just wanting to stage your home for a fresh new start. Either way…simple is the way to go. Maybe you want to “restart” as Spring comes around. You want to declutter, reorganize and simplify your home and life. If you are putting your house on the market…think simple! You want the buyers to see the actual house, not the “stuff” in the house. Here are a few tips while staging your home- for selling or just simple living.
living roomFirst, you have to do the dirty work! No one likes it, but you have to take everything out! Empty your closets, drawers, under the beds, pantry, and all your nooks…not all at one time! Take one space at a time. Form stacks- keep, donate, trash. Work on filling those stacks as you empty out your spaces. This is the hardest part, but the most rewarding and refreshing start to a more simple life. Now that you are done, remove the trash and donate stack away from your home immediately!

donate stuffNext, simplify your counter tops (bathroom, kitchen, all counter tops), book shelves, and all table tops! Rather than having a cluster of 6 picture frames- pick a couple to leave out. Rather than having random candles to collect dust- leave one out in each room ready to light. Rather than having stacks of mail and paper- get a designated mail basket. Rather than having a stack of books and magazines- get a book holder and get rid of whatever doesn’t fit in that holder! You get the idea…simplify!

bookshelfFinally, a good DEEP clean. This will be a week long project- a couple rooms a day. Or, you can hire a cleaning crew to come in. You want to clean each picture on the wall, all baseboards, all A/C vents, fans, light fixtures, lamp shades, pillows, under furniture, tile grout, everything! The result will be so refreshing. A clean, simple, organized home!

Clean KitchenThe final step is to reward yourself with a few new treasures. Go buy a couple new throw pillows to freshen up your living room, or new sugar canisters for the kitchen, or new towels for the bathroom, or new organizational baskets. These touches will make you feel refreshed and ready to live the simple life! Staging your home is guaranteed to make you and your home feel great…either for the real estate market or staging for your everyday living.

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