Moving Tips


Moving is a huge undertaking. It is extremely time-consuming and can cause a lot of stress. I’m talking about the actual process of moving….packing, sorting, boxes, etc. I have a few tips to reduce stress and also some space-saving tips.

Let’s start with stress reducers. I recommend to start with writing a time outline. Start with picking a day to buy all moving materials and getting organized. Go home and put all boxes together so that you have a box ready to go at any moment. Keep a roll of tape, scissors and labeling marker in each room to avoid running around looking for those necessities. Now that you are organized- give each room a designated time frame/date. Tackle one room at a time to avoid your whole house being turned upside down. Also include on your time frame a day to call movers, a day to cancel utilities…write it all down. Something about writing down the process will relieve your mind of bottled up stress.

Now onto space-saving tips. Take advantage of the things that are hollow! Use your decoration baskets as moving baskets. You can even flip lamp shades upside down and put your dish towels, socks, anything soft can be utilized in that space. Use drawers of furniture for lighter items…papers, pictures, etc. Just tape the drawers shut. Another creative space saver is to use the hollow space inside your area rugs when you roll them up! Put your shower curtains in there, shower liners, bed comforters, throw pillows, etc. Just think about all your hollow spaces. Ask yourself, “Can I use this space for something?” You will save so much space and reduce your costs in moving materials.

I hope these tips will come in handy for you. I have many more moving tips that will guarantee a smoother move. I would be glad to pass more tips along to you- just ask.

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