What to Do After Heavy Rain

Image result for debris gutters

Our heads are finally coming above water in Houston. The rain has hit our city, and I wanted to pass along some tips for ‘post rain’ maintenance.

1. Clean out gutters: Debris comes with rain. Clean out gutters to be prepared for the next rainy day. Otherwise, the gutters will overflow causing other issues.

2. Clean drain covers: Walk around your property and clear off any drain covers that are layered with dirt, leaves and debris.

3. Remove standing water: Dump out any standing water before mosquito breeding season hits. Dump out overflowing birdbaths, outdoor toys, swings, etc.

4. Trim: Do you notice any heavy tree limbs? All this rain can weigh down tree limbs, especially ones that need to be trimmed or thinned out. Call a tree company to be proactive about your trees health.

5. Clip: Assuming Houston will not have any more freezes, it may be time to cut back plants, bushes and get them ready for fresh blooms. However, if you want to play it safe, you can wait until middle February. The ground is saturated, which will nourish the plants and things should take off as soon as the sunlight makes it presence. Have your plants prepared.

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