Jackets and Car Seats

Jackets will make their debut as November moves along! We all know that putting your child in their car seat with a jacket on is a huge hassle. Not only a hassle, but it is not safe for them to be buckled with a jacket on.

The jackets leave too much space between the body and straps.There is not enough body contact. Therefore, the jacket gets compressed in the case of an accident, and the child is loose in their car seat once the jacket is compressed. Some moms end up putting jackets on, then off to put in the car, then back on, then back off! It can be such a mess.

Here’s an idea that can save you at least one of those steps! Don’t put on the jacket on the way to the car. Have the jacket in hand and make your way to the car. This will allow a secure and safe buckle in the car seat. Then have a blanket in your car ready to be placed around your child.

My tip is simple. A blanket in the car. But, it will keep your child warm and safe. Thick jackets have too much cushion which makes the buckle not snug enough. So, safely buckle and wrap a blanket in the car. Save the jacket hassle for when you get to your final destination! I thought this was a good reminder as we are on the go this Fall!

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