Fall Fashion

It is still hot for Fall, but Fall fashion is gearing up as the weather slowly cools down. I wanted to do a fun post with some fall fashion ideas to get you ready for Fall and Winter 2016! So, I’ve done some research and have found the Fall fashion tips for you!

Poncho sweaters are going to be everywhere this year! They can dress up casual jeans or even throw over your workout pants. Especially boho prints! Boho prints are big this year! Have fun with the colors, prints and tassels.

Image result for fall poncho

Speaking of tassels…they are everywhere! Purses, shoes, sweaters, boots! Fringe and tassels are a must have this Fall 2016!

Image result for tassel purse

Image result for tassel purse

Ankle boots with straps, buckles and fringe are the “in thing!” Buy a pair, they seem to go with everything! Pair them with leggings, skinny jeans or a long skirt! The Fall rule is to not put your pants over the boots!

Image result for ankle boots

Have fun with fashion this Fall! Lots of patterns, textures and colors are hitting the stores. Mix match your trends! This is the season to “throw it all together!” Send me pictures of your favorite Fall outfit! I’d love to see how you are enjoying the fun Fall fashion of 2016!!


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