Shedding Dog?

Does your dog shed? Summer time is extra bad with all the heat, and in Houston, the heat can linger into other seasons. I wanted to share this tip with you, and it may prevent you from sweeping so often. This tip is in addition to a furminator dog brush, which is also a life saver!

Image result for furminator dog brush

Kitchen gloves!!! Yep, rubber kitchen gloves can change your life! Go outside with your dog and gloves. Put the gloves on and rub your dog (opposite hair growth.) You will get handfuls and handfuls of hair. This will greatly improved your dogs coat…and also greatly improve the cleanliness of your home!

Image result for kitchen gloves

Dogs also loves this. So, it’s a win win for everyone. Your dog will feel spoiled and your home will stay clean! You may need to buy a new pair every month or so to keep the grip strong. Go ahead, let your shedding dog inside without all the work!

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