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In the Memorial area of Houston, we do have a local plant pathologist in Kerry at Ace Hardware, formerly at Cornelius Nursery. Kerry has a wealth of information about grass and shrubbery. When I asked him about the recent eruption of sod webworms, he said that this late summer’s problem is the worst in his memory.  Why?  For several reasons among which was the mild winter and the rainy weather—and so the bug problem has shown up earlier and more forcefully than ever.

I’m sure that whomever one consults or looks up on the internet have various prescription in battling this nuisance, but here is Kerry’s prescription.

A homeowner needs to put down granules 1. for the eggs in the soil and larvae (worms) on the leaves and also 2. spray for the adult moths—the ones that flutter around the yard in the early evenings and continue to lay eggs.  The eggs, larvae and the moths need to be attacked virtually at the same time in order to kill in one fell swoop the eggs, larvae and moths. This breaks the cycle.

Kerry suggests granule products from Ortho, Bayer or Triazicide.  And for the moths, he recommends a spray called Cyonara (clever name!), which is ready for use by attaching it to one’s hose.

What about the fall fungus we annually have to confront? Kerry said that until we experience evenings in the 60s and daytime temperatures in the 80s, it’s unlikely that fungus will appear.  He’s suggesting that we put down fungicide in early October at the places where our yards have had brown spot in the past.  Fungus reoccurs in the previous locations.

OR . . . if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, you can call one of several lawn services. This is always an alternative. Are you having lawn problems? If so, I hope this post helps you!

Image result for sod webworm damage


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