School Art Keepsake

We are a couple weeks into school, which means the artwork has started to roll in.  Some will be wonderful and adorable- you may actually want to frame these! Then there are others that you feel guilty for throwing away! Maybe you keep a box for each kid’s school artwork to keep in the attic for them to look at later on. Or maybe keeping all that artwork feels crowded and unnecessary? Everyone has a different opinion. Either way, here are some solutions for you!

Image result for interchangeable frame

Frame your favorite pieces in an interchangeable frame, so you can keep a rotation on your favorite pieces! Then, have a box for each child…only put the best pieces in that box. They may actually use these pieces later on! What about ALL the others…the paper plates with the googly eyes or the spider made of cotton balls?!

Image result for child artwork photo book

Take a picture of each piece. Then transfer the pictures to a photo service site. Label each picture with the date and what the art is for (ex: Bluebonnets on Go Texan Day 2016.) At the end of the school year, make a photo book for each child. Therefore, each child will have their own art book for each school year! They can flip the pages and see all their ‘masterpieces.’ You have a keepsake without all the clutter!! Besides, your children and future grandchildren will love the books too!

Image result for child artwork photo book

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