Louisiana Flooding

There has not been too much media coverage, so I wanted to post some images that send the message of how serious Louisiana has been hit with record breaking flooding.

The flooding has been damaging state wide. Homes, business, cars, historic landmarks are all feeling the result of the state wide flooding. These photos are shocking, and the images put into perspective how serious this flooding is.

This is from the New Orleans region.

Devastating rain and flooding has turned parts of Louisiana into rivers and swamps.

Thousands of people have lost everything. In addition to people, cows and other animals are being rescued from the flood water.

Can you imagine? In the blink of an eye. That is how fast this fell upon Louisiana! Here is another image from Prarieville, Louisiana.

Caskets are surfacing and floating, people are stranded, animals are lost, elderly are in need of medical attention, babies are hungry! This really is devastating. So, how can we help? Click on this link to make a donation to a variety of places. There are many ways to help and donate. The heartfelt stories are unimaginable.

Click and read here to lend a helping hand:



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