Refrigerator Tricks

Your refrigerator gets more use than any other appliance or item in your kitchen. This post will give you ideas that will double the space in your refrigerator. It also creates a system that is easy for the rest of your family to follow, keeping your refrigerator organized, functional and will avoid food waste!

fridge hacks 1

Place an egg carton bottom on the door shelf to hold your condiments in place upside down. You’ll never have to shake to get ketchup to the top of the bottle again!

fridge hacks 3

Utilize more vertical space in your fridge with magnetic plastic containers.

fridge hacks 7

Save your door shelves for more important things. Condiments should be on a Lazy Susan in the fridge. You’ll love it! These are some quick fixes that will change the way you use your refrigerator. Let me know what you think…




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