Linen Closet

I know that I have talked about organizing closets and making the most of your space. However, I came across this linen closet tip that was just too good not to share! This will change the look and function of your linen closet with one simple step. Sheet bundle!! Let me explain.

Is your linen closet a mess? Are there piles of haphazardly folded sheets? Do your piles of sheets slip and slide off of each other? These are common linen closet problems. I have a tip that can help you tidy up your linen closet.

Sheet bundles! Fold your sheets and place them in the pillow case. That’s it. Then, you will have a linen closet full of neat and tidy filled pillow cases. You will know exactly which set of sheets you are reaching for, and it is much easier to keep neat and tidy!

Take a look at these two linen closets…

Messy Linen Closet:

Sheet Bundle:

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