All You Need to Know About Trash!

With a little bit of extra time on your hands this summer, you may find yourself clearing out your garage or closets. This leaves you with piles of trash! Some large items that you may not know how to discard. Well, this post is for you.

I thought it would be a helpful reminder to read about “Trash Facts.” There are rules in regards to how the trash/recycling system works in Houston. It is our responsibility, as community members, to follow these guidelines.

No one wants to get fined for not using the trash system properly, especially since there are answers to your questions! Do you have bags and bags of leaves? There is a proper way to get rid of them. Do you have an old mattress sitting in your garage that needs to be thrown away, or an old chair with holes? Or maybe you need a new trash can or recycling bin?

Read this link to educate yourself on the City of Houston’s Trash Facts. It is always helpful to spruce up on the guidelines to make sure you are doing your part to keep Houston clean! This link will educate you on recycling, trash schedules, tree waste, and more.

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