More Room

Do your closets need more room? Well, summer is here and you will not be needing your jackets or sweaters for a while. You may not be using your blankets, duvet comforter, heavy throws or quilts. All of these items take a lot of space in your closets. Here is an idea that can bring more room to your closets.

Space saver vacuum bags. You can buy these at home product stores or online. They work by condensing the size of your items. It is amazing how small the bag can get!! It can seal jackets down to the size of a small book. Amazing.

It is so nice for your closets to find a little breathing room. This will allow you to be more organized and space effective in closets throughout your home. You can buy a variety of bag sizes. The large bags can fit multiple large items in it, and will all be reduced greatly in size. Then, you can stack the sealed bags until cooler weather comes back.

Your items will not be crushed or overly wrinkled when you open the bags months from now. So, make room and make the most of your closet space. Take before and after pictures, you will be amazed. I would enjoy seeing the space saving transformation too. Send pictures my way and enjoy making room in your closets!

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