Pantry Tips

Your pantry may be one of the most challenging places in your home to stay organized. The door opens and shuts 100 times a day, bags get opened, things get shoved on the shelf in a hurry. Your pantry may take the brunt of the fast life. Creating a system can prevent a mess from happening. Here are some pantry tips that can help you create a system that is easy to maintain as your days get busy.

Shoe organizer!! Who would have thought of that?? But, a shoe organizer over the door can keep snacks available and easy to grab on the go!

Baskets! Labeled baskets are even better! You can buy little baskets at the dollar store. Try to stick to the same color and same size for consistency to create a clean and functional feel.

Here is a pantry that uses both tips! Look at the end result! A simple fix to your everyday pantry problems. Try it out. Take before and after pictures and send them to me. I would love to see your pantry renovation.

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