Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is on your mind if you are a mother or grandmother! What to cook for family, what to stuff eggs with, how to decorate the table? Well, let me help you make one task a little easier this year. Here are some Easter basket ideas that can save you time and money…

  1. Chalk for the artist. Do you know a child that loves to create and draw? Well, sidewalk chalk is a great basket filler. You may want to include some hand wipes for the parents, we all know chalk can get a little messy! Chalk can bring hours of fun!

2. Popcorn. Are you tired of filling candy to the brim? Well, fill up cute bags of popcorn. There are many flavors and colors of popcorn, which can make it look even cuter in the basket.

3. Nail polish is great for older children or adults! It looks great in an Easter basket, and will be well used! Have fun picking a variety of colors to spruce up the Easter basket.

4. Summer toys!! This will make for a fun and practical basket. Summer is around the corner, so fill the basket with summer fun. Towel, pool noodles, water toys, goggles!

I hope this gave you some ideas to help you make the perfect Easter basket for your loved ones. Happy Easter to all!


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