Rodeo and Houston Economy

Rodeo is here! One of the biggest events in Houston all year. Guaranteed fun, memories and it also fuels Houston’s economy. Within just a three week period, the Rodeo attracts an attendance well over 2 million people!

The rodeo provides local employment in excess of 3,000 employees. According to the Rodeo Houston website, 7,265 full-time equivalent jobs are created. When the rodeo comes around each year, gross sales in the Houston area are boosted by more than $475 million. Regional output rises by $320 million!

Restaurants also receive a rodeo boost. The biggest benefit comes from advertising the restaurant and introducing its food to new customers. From all areas of the Rodeo, the economic impact we feel from rodeo is unmatched from anything else all year round.

To top it off…it is so fun! So, grab your family and friends and head to Rodeo Houston! Fuel the economy and create Rodeo memories!


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