Green Tips

Pollen has begun as sunshine warms our days! Along with the season change, you need to make changes to your lawn maintenance as we welcome Spring. We all want green healthy grass. You can help grow a healthy lawn. The sooner you start the better your lawn will look this Spring.

Fertilize. The local hardware store has a variety of choices of fertilizer. Read the directions and apply to your lawn. Watering after application is important. Be sure to water efficiently to allow the fertilizer to adsorb and activate.

Weeds. If you notice weeds or thatch growing in your lawn, be proactive. Treat the spots with weed killer. Follow directions closely. If you don’t see improvement in a few days, reapply.

Water. As the weather warms up, the watering needs increase. Make appropriate changes to your sprinkler system. It is important to water for long enough to establish deep roots. If you water a short amount of time, shallow roots will form which will ultimately harm your lawn.

Cutting the grass. You may notice that your grass is growing faster. Be sure to raise the setting on the mower. You don’t want to cut it too short. Also, leave the clippings behind. The grass clippings act as a form of fertilizer and layer of protection.

Apply these tips and welcome Spring with a healthy lawn!

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