Marble Protection

As a real estate agent, I have seen some of the most beautiful kitchens! Light colored marble counter tops are very popular, which makes for an appealing selling point. Are you considering installing marble? Or are you looking for ways to maintain your marble? Either way, this is the post for you!

To protect your marble counter top from becoming stained, scratched, and permanently damaged by harmful chemicals, you must clean and seal the marble on a routine basis. The sealer will soak into the inside of the marble and protect the counter top from liquids and other substances. Taking steps to protect your marble counter top will prevent its natural elements from cracking and breaking down internally, in addition to maintaining its appearance.

Using cleaning substances that contains acid, such as vinegar, will break down the internal compounds of the marble. A great cleaning tip is to use a baking soda and water mixture to clean your countertop as needed. Another tip is to wipe up spills immediately! Use a soft, household sponge and warm water to remove spills and stains.

These are just a few marble tips, and I hope they help you as you maintain your shinny marble! Do you have a tip for our marble owning readers?? Please share….

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