Tripping Hazard

Do you have an area rug in your home that you always trip over? One of the corners flips up or it slides on your hard flooring? Not only is this unsafe, it is also an inconvenience for you and your guests. Yes, you can buy one of those large mesh mats to go under the rug to provide a good grip. However, those can be expensive and a hassle to lay down! I have an idea that may help you…

“Rug Gripper” is an adhesive mesh that can help you with your rug problems. You can apply it on the corner that flips up or on all corners to prevent the rug from sliding. You can choose where to apply it, and it easily comes off too. It leaves no residue on the rug or floor.

This is an easy fix to an annoying problem. So, if you have an area rug that twist and turns…try this out. Let me know if it works for you!

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