Better Pictures?

This is the time of year that you need your camera ready to go. Most of us rely heavily on our cell phone camera. Santa pictures, adorable Christmas outfits, parties, Christmas lights, and all things children. There is always something that we need a camera for during this holiday season. Here are some tips to spruce up your cell phone camera!!

Shoot at High Quality
By default, many cameras aren’t set to shoot in high quality mode, and this is often true of cell phones too. Go into your camera settings and check to make sure you shooting at maximum resolution and that picture or image quality is set at the highest setting.

Shoot in Landscape Mode
Cameras are horizontal devices. Most cameras on the market are built to shoot images in landscape mode, and only on occasion will you shoot in portrait mode by turning the camera on its side. Phones are the exact opposite, they’re almost always meant to be used in portrait mode. The camera in a phone will not shoot in landscape mode unless you physically turn the phone on its side, you should do exactly that. Figure out which way to hold your phone in order to shoot in landscape mode, and shoot that way whenever you can. This will improve the quality of pictures.

Turn Off Digital Zoom
Only true optical zoom can get you closer to your subject, and I don’t think there are cell phones with optical zoom. Digital zoom might make you feel like you’re getting closer to your subject, but all that feature really does is crop your resolution and expand the image. You’re better off shooting the photo at full resolution (by turning digital zoom off) and cropping it later.

I hope these tips help you capture the moment and get that ‘perfect picture!’ Happy Holidays!




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