Thankful 10 Challenge

Thanksgiving is approaching! 10 more days until the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving. The Christmas decorations are filling our malls and shopping centers, but before I deck the halls, I wanted to focus on these final 10 days of Thanksgiving. Join me in my “Thankful 10” challenge!

There are many larger blessings in life to be thankful for…health, family, happiness. However, this “Thankful 10” challenge is to focus on the little things in life. Those little things that can often get overlooked. Maybe your nice coffee pot, your comfortable pillow at night, a dishwasher, the smile on your child’s face when they get off the school bus. The little things that make life sweeter, better, more enjoyable, more memorable!

The “Thankful 10” challenge will open our eyes and make us look deeper for 10 days! Write one thing down per day. Keep the list to reflect back on throughout the year. You can also ask your spouse, friend or child to join the challenge with you. There’s nothing sweeter than a child’s perspective of thankfulness!

Happy Thanksgiving season to all! Feel free to share what you are thankful for as you take on the “Thankful 10” challenge. I’d love to hear from you!


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