Grout Cleaning

Do you have tile flooring in your home? You may not even notice, but your grout may be dirty. There are carpet cleaning companies that also offer grout cleaning. The difference is amazing. Your flooring will look new again!

Along with cleaning the grout,  you can also seal it to prevent further dirt build up. You can buy grout sealant at the hardware store, or have a professional do it for you. Either way, take the steps to keep your grout fresh!  The sealant also repels dirt and liquid spills. This is a great investment in protecting your grout.

If your grout is beyond repair, but you are not ready to make the investment of replacing your floors…here’s a tip for you! There are professionals that can sand and repaint your grout! You pick a grout color. They fill in cracks, etc. Your grout and flooring will greatly improve, in addition to steam cleaning your tile.

Take a look at your tile flooring. Could they benefit from a good cleaning and refinishing? Send me your before and after pictures. I would love to see the difference!

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