Fall Cleaning

Fall Cleaning Important Like Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the Spring. As we transition between seasons, you may ask yourself if it is time for Spring cleaning? Let’s call it “Fall cleaning!” The answer is YES! It is always a good time for a deep cleaning between seasons! So, don’t leave it for Spring! Get out your cleaning supplies and get ready for Fall cleaning.

Do you have pets? Well, this summer heat causes extra shedding. This means hair has found its way into deep corners, seals, nooks and crannies! Clean under beds, under furniture, baseboards, and other places that have been hiding for a while!

Remove items from closets, cabinets and pantry shelves. Give a good scrub down and reorganize as you put the items back. These areas have had a lot of hands on activity this summer, especially if you have kids at home. Kid traffic increases during summer time. So, your doors/doorways may need to be scrubbed. Interior of your windows may benefit from a good clean! Your washing machine may need a good scrubbing too.

We all know that summer means more parties, gatherings and barbecue dinners! Your refrigerator can feel the effects of this traffic! Remove all items, remove shelves and drawers. Clean thoroughly and reorganize your refrigerator. This will make you feel like you got a new refrigerator!

The hard work of “Fall cleaning” will pay off. Your home will feel fresh as we welcome Fall. So, don’t wait for Spring cleaning. Get a jump start and give your home some extra TLC for this Fall!

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