Houston’s Housing Market

This is a hot topic! Good news Houston, we are in one of the healthiest housing markets. A recent article from the ‘Houston Business Journal’ had some interesting information that confirms that Houston is a booming place to own real estate.

Houston ranked No. 55 out of 300 cities in a study based on the healthiest midsize and small city markets. It’s no surprise that Houston’s housing market is doing well. Here are some numbers to support that Houston is the place to invest.

In July, single family home sales broke an all-time record, totaling 8,147sales, the Houston Association of Realtors reported Aug. 12. The previous all-time record was set only the month before with 7,935 sales. Total property sales also increased 6 percent year over year to 9,653, and total dollar volume was up 11.9 percent to $2.69 billion in July.

The Houston housing market is healthy, and as a Realtor, I am honored to work in this great city! Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this post. I would be delighted to discuss your neighborhood or real estate market with you!

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