Houston Astros

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Foundation and Heat

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Extended high temperatures are a real threat to your foundation. It is important to care for your foundation properly in this Houston summer heat.  Lack of water causes foundation problems. Foundations are designed to have continuous support from the soil. In the heat of summer the soil shrinks and moisture evaporates, causing the soil to pull away from the footing.

During extended periods of excessive heat, watering the foundation helps. So, set your sprinkler to be sure that soil around your foundation is getting plenty of water. Watering can be as simple as a soaker hose along the foundation. The hose should be placed next to your foundation or as close as possible.

So, protect your foundation this summer and be sure it is getting the hydration it needs.

Kick Off Summer

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Summer is knocking!!!! A few more days and our children will be ready for summer fun. Here is a great link that will help get your summer off to a great start. Beat some heat and crowds and get an early start planning your summer.

This link is organized by date, time and category. So, pick what would interest your children and have FUN as summer 2018 gets in gear!

After it Rains…

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Our heads are finally coming above water in Houston. We have had a lot of rainy days. But the sky has parted, and we are now getting prepared for some hot summer time weather.

But first, I recommend doing a few things “post rain” in order to maintain your home for Summer:

1. Clean out gutters: Debris comes with rain. Clean out gutters to be prepared for the next rainy day. Otherwise, the gutters will overflow causing other issues.

2. Clean drain covers: Walk around your property and clear off any drain covers that are layered with dirt, leaves and debris.

3. Remove standing water: Dump out any standing water before mosquito breeding season hits. Dump out overflowing birdbaths, outdoor toys, swings, etc.

4. Trim: Do you notice any heavy tree limbs? All this rain can weigh down tree limbs, especially ones that need to be trimmed or thinned out. Call a tree company to be proactive about your trees health.

5. Clip: Time to cut back plats, bushes. The ground is saturated, which will nourish the plants and things should take off as soon as the sunlight makes it presence. Have your plants prepared.

Enjoy the forecast and prepare your home and property for SUMMER 2018!!

Creative Gift

Your kids will soon be headed home for summer, but before they load that bus one last time, give their teacher a gift to remember! Here is an idea that will show your appreciation. The teacher is likely to leave it in the classroom for years to come.

You and your child can work on this together. You only need a picture frame, crayons and glue! That’s it, and you will have a thoughtful gift that will mean the world to the teacher. Especially since your child helped with the project, makes it even more meaningful.

Not only is it a thoughtful gift, but it is also adorable! Cut the crayons with a knife for sharp lines. Then, glue the crayons into the letter of the teachers name. Put it in a simple or decorative frame! This gift is guaranteed to bring a smile!

Flower Power

Send a flower to a patientA childs health is something we all pray and hope for! Well, some families are struggling today as their children are sick. Let’s join together and spread a little happiness!

This May, you can bring spring right to patients at Texas Childrens. You can make a donation, and your name will be put on a flower. All the flowers will decorate the hallways! This will brighten up the days for many children that can’t go outside. Let’s bring the flowers to them!! this link for more information and to make a donation. Involve your kids in the process too. Have them donate as well. You can even go the extra mile and decorate some flowers and deliver to Texas Childrens Hospital. They would love the decor and support!;jsessionid=CDF10D44FC2038206078951F11029EDE.app232b?df_id=1861&mfc_pref=T&1861.donation=form1